Monday, March 2, 2015


Hello My Gorgeous Divas,

I hope you guys had a great weekend!

This weekend I decided to go into my local Target and try out some of the new pieces from AVA & VIV.  

AVA & VIV is a new line Target is carrying catering to us plus size females who want fashionable clothing that actually fits. Target has been known to carry top designers lines in their store but, rarely did it cater to us. One of my favorite bloggers Chasity Garner responded by sending Target an open letter stating her frustration and also boycotting the store until they made a conscious effort to give us plus size women options.

My local Target store does carry plus size clothing but, rarely could I wear anything from there.  I gave up on buying clothes at Target a long time ago. I would envy the ones that could actually wear their designer lines because, the pieces were really nice. It wasn’t a hard decision for me to go along with Chasity and stop shopping at Target as well.

To my surprise, Target actually took notice and decided to up the ante on their plus size clothing line and created AVA & VIV.  I am excited to see this line in Target and being able to have more options for us plus size girls. YEAH FOR US!!

Let’s get started on my review of the new plus size line AVA & VIV from Target!

As you can see they had several different choices to choose from which was great.

**Please excuse the dirty mirror pics** 

The palazzo pants and shirt fit was okay for me. This is actually a 4x (Yes 4x!!). I am very bottom heavy and the material is somewhat silky so I wanted to make sure I had enough room.  My only wish was that the pants actually button up instead of having a stretch band. My waist is smaller than my hips which means I would have to get these tailored on the sides to actually fit correctly.

PS. I dupe the floral print look from Garnerstyle becasue she looked so fab wearing it.

If you have large arms I will tell you now you may have to get a 4x in the shirt as the fit is snug. But, they do have several different shirt options so you don’t necessarily have to choose this combo.

The black & white maxi dress is a dream. The material is so soft and it is made from jersey stretch material. I love the length of the dress as well. It is so hard to find a true maxi dress.

They also had several options of swimwear. I loved both pieces. They also carry up to a 26W. Isn’t that great!!

Two Piece: The top is 22/24 but, I could of size down. Bottoms 22/24 and the fit was good.

The full piece bathing suit (I love this color) is a 22/24.

All in all I think the AVA & VIV collection is great and I can’t wait to see more pieces from them.