Thursday, July 17, 2014


Hello My Gorgeous Divas,

Work, Work, Work is the mode I have been in for the last couple of months until this past weekend. I decided to take my favorite girls on a little weekend getaway to Atlanta. I live in a very small town so, to get away even if for a weekend was great for us. We stayed at the Intercontinental Buckhead and I must say it was absolutely wonderful.

 View from the 17th Floor

 Southern Art Restaurant
(located inside the hotel)
 The chandeliers were so pretty and instead of hanging pictures on the wall they were hanging from the ceiling. Neat huh?
 The garden was beautiful and serene!

My breakfast was super yummy!!

 I would definitely recommend this place for anyone visiting the ATL for a weekend trip. 

My girls love to swim and I wanted to have a good time playing in the water with them, As I was taking off my skirt to get into the pool, I saw the stares of petite woman and kids looking at my thighs and staring.  At one point in my life I would have been to embarrassed to get into any type of pool for fear of being ridicule. The plus size swimwear options has come a long way and it seems to be getting better each year. The summertime can be a hard time for us plus size divas due to it being the time for less clothes and sexy swimwear. I recently just started getting into swimwear within the last year thanks to some great bloggers that have inspired me.

I have not always been the self confident person you see today. You would have not caught me in any type of bathing suit especially, not a two piece. I would either wear shorts and a top or opt out of getting in the pool at all. I would make up excuses to my girls as to why I wouldn't get in the pool with them. I was missing out on those fun and special moments because I was afraid and ashamed of my thighs, butt, arms, hips and stomach. 

Last year I wore my first ever Fatkini and it wasn't easy for me to bare that much skin but, I did it. I decided to let go of all those negative feelings about how I look and be free from the judgement of people thoughts and health concern. It takes time to get to that point of not giving a you know what of what other people say, think or feel because to be honest you have no control over that. The only thing you can control is how you feel. 

My advice to any plus size diva that wants to wear a bathing suit and doesn't feel comfortable is to live and enjoy your life freely. Free from other people opinions and judgement of you. You only get to go through this thing called life once don't allow anyone to have that type of control over you. No one!!

I entered the pool with confidence and no fear as to what anyone was thinking. I was there to relax and have a good time with my girls thighs and all.

Check the pics below.

 Swimwear: Monif C 
Courtesy of Garner Style

This is my first time ever wearing a Monif C bathing Suit and I must say ti is the best bathing suit I have ever worn or purchased hands down. 

Skirt: It's Fashion

Sunnies: Forever 21